A sealing product water based which blocks fluids leaking at hight temperatures


TLOCK 180° and TLOCK 360° pre applied (PA11) locking and sealing any treaded connection


Pre applied epoxy resin highly resistant to high temperature suitable for any treadeded part


Plastisol is a PVC based material suitable for many types of shallows. If preapplied on under-head, it produces a seal


Since 2007, T-LOCK S.r.l. is specialized on pre-ap-plied coating of threaded parts. !t has auto-matic systems for al! the processes, following the entire production chain, from designe to marketing. The company stands out not only for the quality of its processing, but for the ability to develop new solutions based on market or individua! customer requirements. Craftsmanship, professionalism, innovation and creative spirit always characterize T-Lock products.